Rules of Operation & Constitution and By-Laws

Toros Rules of Operation

These Rules of Operation are intended to set out the current policies of the Toros Hockey
Association which will be applicable to the Teams, Team Officials, players and parents/guardians
throughout the hockey season.

It is the responsibility of each Player, Parent/Guardian & Team Official to learn the
Toros' Rules of Operation. All the Rules of Operation are expected to be
adhered to at all times. Failure to do so may result in a suspension or
termination as determined by the Toros Board of Directors in its sole and
absolute discretion.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to review section 5-Player's Code of Conduct and
Responsibility with their child to ensure a positive hockey experience.

These rules are not exhaustive and the Toros Hockey Association reserves the right, in its
sole and absolute discretion, to make such changes and additions from time to
time as it deems appropriate.

Notice of any changes and/or additions will be given to Team Officials and, when
appropriate, directly to the parents/guardians on a timely basis.

Any situation(s) not covered by these Rules of Operation will be addressed by the appropriate GTHL policy and GTHL Rule Book.

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 Toros Constitution and By-Laws

 The Constitution and By-Laws set forth the rules by with the York Toros Hockey Association is governed.

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